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Recalibrating my own sample usage

Yesterday I was out on the hunt for a new car. This has nothing to do with whisky except that I got near Rotterdam and picked up some bottles from Whiskybase. After that I drove to Den Bosch to visit … Continue reading

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Perspective, and a change of it…

So, another whisky blogger (Malt Klaus) recently wrote an article about how he had become immersed in the world of whisky, and a reset of perspective happened only when he started focusing on something else. It’s a very good read, … Continue reading

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The wonderful world of whisky

Four years ago I wrote about having less of a collection and becoming more of a drinker than a collector. Although I did sell some bottles in the wake of that post, not much changed. The amount of bottles stayed … Continue reading

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Welcome in 2019

I’m not sure everyone saw it coming, but 2019 had been on the verge of being the year we live in since Christmas or so. How quickly these things go. Anyway, let’s do this 2019 thing! I’m not going to … Continue reading

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On tasting whiskies blind

With another edition of the Usquebaugh Society’s Blind Tastig Competition underway I’ve been thinking about the concept of tasting a whisky without knowing what it is. Some members of our whisky club host regional tastings and the one in Noord-Holland … Continue reading

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Some Ardbeg and some realizations

The best way to describe this here blog is ‘whisky ramblings’. I don’t consider myself to be a very capable whisky taster, with inconsistencies over the years at best. Every now and then my preferences change and with it, my … Continue reading

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On collecting whisky

I am not an authority on whisky collecting. My ‘collection’ is barely worth the name since there is absolutely no theme, direction or focus to be found. In short, what I have is a random bunch of bottles that I … Continue reading

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