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A Mezcal Masterclass by Meug & Palenque

It’s been quite a while, since this actually happened. And the way I participated doesn’t make any sense. I had nothing in my agenda on April 30th yet. And since I like Mezcal, but don’t want to buy too many … Continue reading

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Five Mezcals by ‘El Jolgorio’

Some years ago when whisky was going through another massive price hike I decided it was time to broaden my horizon, and after some dabbling in jenever and rum I ended up with a bottle of mezcal. I found this … Continue reading

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Benevá Añejo Mezcal, 38%

The second totally random sample from DSA’s array of niceness. That this was a Mezcal was something that was rather clear from the beginning, although the oak aging bit masked the normally stand out scents quite a bit. I know … Continue reading

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Mezcal Bottle share #3: Los Danzantes and Alipus

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m doing another bottle share. I keep finding Mezcal a hugely interesting drink. And while not even all bottles from the previous share have been reviewed yet (my to-review queue is about a mile long by now) … Continue reading

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Alacrán Mezcal Joven, 46%

This is one of the two remaining mezcals that I still needed to review from the last bottle-share. I’ve been working my way through the scraps of some of those I already reviewed for a while now and thought it … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo: Three Mezcales de Leyenda

A while ago I did a second Mezcal bottle-share of which I haven’t reviewed yet. It’s about high I did, since I have been sipping from them and I don’t want them to get emptied before I wrote tasting notes. … Continue reading

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Mezcal Festival Day 6: Ilegal Joven, 40%

The last of my mezcal collection until yesterday. Yesterday the five new mezcals for the second bottle share came in, but I’m going to do some whiskies again before reviewing those. Anyway, this one is one I bought from The … Continue reading

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