Old Pulteney Noss Head, 46%

Yesterday I participated in a Twitter Tasting with three New Pulteneys. Wait, no, that should be new Old Pulteneys. Anyway, they are releasing three new expressions for travel retail in 1 litre bottles at decent prices. Of course, we have to find out what it’s all about.

These whiskies are all named for lighthouses in the Scottish Highlands around Wick. Noss Head is the first in the series. Matured in ex-bourbon casks and bottled at 46% ABV. There’s no age indicator, which generally means it is quite young.

Noss Head lighthouse. Image from Caithness.org

Noss Head lighthouse. Image from Caithness.org

Old Pulteney Noss Head

Old Pulteney Noss Head

At first I get the idea I’m nosing raw spirit. It takes a few whiffs before I get the more ‘aged’ scents. It still smells young with heaps of barley, some raw cookie dough and lemon zests. I even get a bit of a sulphury scent of cooked vegetables.

Again, I get those hints of raw spirit. In this case it’s accompanied by a freighter of white pepper and some alcohol heat, even thought it’s only 46%. There’s also saw dust with sweet lemon curd. Some acidity too but mostly just incredibly hot.

The finish mellows quickly and gives some warmer flavours than I expected. I get pound cake with lemon drizzle. Also some barley and a little bit of bitter lemon pith. It’s not very long.

If you followed yesterday’s tasting a little bit you already know I don’t really enjoy this whisky. Especially the peppery heat and lack of flavours to combat that diminish the experience. While the Old Pulteney flavours are present, the balance is just way off to me. I won’t be putting this one anywhere near my wishlist.

If you consider this being sold at £ 39.99, while the regular 12 year old (which I really like) is only £ 23.49 at Master of Malt, you know where I’m putting my money!

Old Pulteney, Noss Head edition, 46%, matured in ex-bourbon casks. £ 39.99

Thanks to Old Pulteney for the sample!

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