Old Pulteney Duncansby Head, 46%

The second bottling from the new Lighthouse Series from the Wick distillery. This lighthouse is situated at farthest point by road from John O’ Groats. The location (according to Google images) is quite spectacular.

This bottling is a mix of sherry and bourbon casks. While I have not been a huge fan of sherried Old Pulteney, it’s always interesting to try more. What I’m familiar with is the slightly rubbery and sulphury (but only slightly!) variants of sherry casks I’ve tried here and here.

Duncansby Head. Image from Photographers Resource

Duncansby Head. Image from Photographers Resource

Old Pulteney Duncansby Head

Old Pulteney Duncansby Head

The first thing I wrote down was ‘not sure’. Indicating it’s a bit better than the Noss Head, but still has those sharp edges. It’s a young spirit again, but the sherry cask influence mellows it down a bit. There’s old walnuts and hazelnuts. I find this one a bit warmer and gentler with a touch more oak than the previous one. There’s some ripe ‘European’ fruit as well, like apples and pears. A bit salty and I even get some pineapple eventually.

It remains quite comparable to the Noss Head, but with pepper kept in check a little bit more and a slightly richer character it’s a bit more agreeable. I get butterscotch and slightly salty Caramac bars.

Sweet with saw dust, butterscotch and wood. It’s also slightly drying but remains quite gentle.

Well, I’m not sure if this is a step in the right direction. This one is way less spirity and the pepper is kept in check. On the other hand you get a ‘not incredibly good’ sherry cask in return for it. I don’t think I find it appealing. Luckily I’m just one opinion since the general tone of the Twitter Tasting was quite favourable.

Old Pulteney, Duncansby Head Edition, 46%. Matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. £ 44.99

Thanks to Old Pulteney for the sample!

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