Glentauchers 30yo, 1981, 55.8%, La Maison du Whisky

A 30 year old single cask Glentauchers, who’d have thought! As Gal said on his review of this whisky yesterday, I haven’t had many Glentauchers. A few more than him, mostly because our club bottled a rather filthy one two years ago. Really didn’t like that one!

Anyway, this is from The Artist series from LMDW, with a hand drawing on the label. Well, a drawing that was originally done by hand that is. It has been matured in a wine treated butt. I guess that is a sherry butt in which they put a little bit of wine and applied air pressure or so. It’s kind of vague.

Glentaucher 30 by La Maison du Whisky. Image from Whiskybase

Glentaucher 30 by La Maison du Whisky. Image from Whiskybase

Sweet with lemon and barley. It’s so sweet that I initially thought it could just as well be a liqueur. Also sugar and a definite, but light touch of oak. There’s some vanilla in there too, but only a bit. A bit simple, but very very drinkable.

The palate has a lot more oomph than I expected with pepper and white oak. Sweet with lemon (lemoncurd that is), but also the same lemony bitterness that you get from the seeds.

The finish has those qualities too. Bitter and sweet and lemony, with quite some oak all over the place. Tasty stuff!

Well. A strange whisky this is. I like it, but it could be any whisky at just about any age. Glentauchers would have been one of my last guesses because I only think of that distillery when I look through the list at whiskybase.

At first I thought it was an American whiskey because of the huge white oak notes and incredible sweetness. The definite lemon flavour with the peppery notes on the palate threw me back to Scotland though. A 30yo Glentauchers? Apparently. A very nice whisky? Definitely!

Glentauchers 30yo, 1981, 55.8%, Wine treated butt, approximately € 135 at Passie voor Whisky.

Thanks to Shai for the sample!

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