Wigle Organic Wheat Whiskey, 46%

Apart from the fact that I had never heard of the Wigle distillery before getting this sample, I also never had a whiskey with a honeycombed hickory wood finish.

Shai sent me this sample and he got his bottle in exchange for sending samples to bloggers. Apparently Wigle wants some exposure and this is their way of getting their product shipped across the planet. Clever guys in Pittsburgh!

Apart from hickory they use more or less everything they can get their hands on. Cherry, maple, birch, you name it. They finish their whiskey in small casks to get a large variety of products out there, even though they’re a start-up distillery.

I’m very curious to this kind of stuff since this kind of innovation/’fucking around’ is keeping things fresh. Especially if it tastes good, which usually is the biggest problem with ‘craft’ distilleries.

Wigle Organic Wheat Whiskey

Wigle Organic Wheat Whiskey

Very young and the wood use tastes like it is a try to camouflage that a bit. There are heavy, smoked leather-like tones which fit the hickory wood nicely. I’d have guessed this to be a rye whisky, but it’s wheat. Quite the contrast there, but I guess the wood and youth do that to my palate. Very spicy with a bit of a wash flavour.

A lot more gentle than expected, with tannins. It’s sweet and spicy with rye flavours. Young spirit with a massive smack of wood to it.

Coffee and WD-40. Rye, grist, young with wood. I also have the feeling I taste the copper from the still a little bit.

Although this whiskey’s flavour is all over the place, it still is pretty tasty. You have to accept that you’re drinking really young spirit, but it’s very clean with a very high promise of quality in the future. I love this experiment with all it’s beef jerky flavours. It’s not that I’d buy all of it if available, but I’d love to do a bottle-share or so with all these different woods used. Lovely stuff, in a strange way.

I just can’t get THIS out of my head now.

Wigle Organic Wheat Whiskey, finished in honeycombed hickory wood. 46%, 375ml bottles.

Thanks to Shai for the sample, and to Wigle I guess!


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