Glen Scotia 1991-2006, 46.2% – Part Nan Angelen

A Glen Scotia from a Swedish bottler. I got this sample in the mail in an exchange with Anki, who I met at Maltstock last year. She sent me a couple of medical looking tubes with a Swedish themed whisky tasting, so I’ll be going through those in the coming couple of days.

Glen Scotia is a tricky distillery in Campbeltown. By tricky I mean unpredictable. Some drams are stunning, and on the other end of the spectrum you have quite the number of badly tasting and boring ones. Let’s find out where this one stands!

Glen Scotia 1991 from Part Nan Angelen. Image from Whiskybase

Glen Scotia 1991 from Part Nan Angelen. Image from Whiskybase

Most certainly a sherried one. The colour indicated that too, but on the nose there’s no mistaking it. It has a certain mustiness, like a damp attic. So, sherry, but also bread and sour cherries. Grass and quite a lot of smoke. I found it very Ardbeg-esk.

The palate continues in a very Islay-like style with sweetness and saltiness. It’s pretty spicy too. The sweetness is of a sherry kind with some dried fruits and oak. Some allspice and ginger is present too.

The peat comes through clearly here, followed by chocolate and nuts, some raisins and chili pepper.

This is a damn tasty Glen Scotia. The sherry and kind of dirty character from the distillery go very well together. The peatiness is a lot bolder than I’m used to from Glen Scotia, but it works well with their spirit.

The € 109 that was charged for it is pretty cheap, but Scandinavia is known for it’s high alcohol prices

Glen Scotia 1991-2006, 46.2%, Part Nan Angelen by Vin & Spirit AB. Used to cost around € 109.

Thanks to Anki for the sample!


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