Altore, 40%

About a year and a half ago I blogged about the Altore Moresca Reserve Finish. One of two of a ‘Corsican’ whisky you can more or less just buy on the island. Corsican is between quotation marks because the whisky is distilled in Scotland, and then matured in Corsica, in a selection of their wine barriques.

The Moresca finish and this one are only eight years old, but eight years on Corsica are different from eight years in Scotland, mostly because of the hot summers in the south of France.

I bought this bottle on Friday the 13th of June, 2008. My wife and I got married on the Tuesday before. It was in a small grocery shop near Ajaccio near the camp ground where we had stayed the first night of our honeymoon. I believe it set me back € 23. I knew there was some Corsican whisky to be had, but that’s about as far as my knowledge went.

I think I popped the cork that same night, but I’m not entirely sure about that. I’m also not sure if I had already bought the second one (The Moresca Reserve finish) that same day, or the next. What I do know is that it’s taking me forever to finish this bottle. Not even because it’s bad, but mostly because there’s a lot of better whisky to be had. Even at the same price.

Altore whisky

Altore whisky

There’s some malt on the nose, with oak and an unexpected richness. Some minor hints of fruit. Stewed apples mostly. The sweetness (of which there is a lot) is reminiscent of Moscatel/Muscat wines.

It’s very smooth, velvety almost. Also very, very sweet and oily like simple syrup. Some malty flavours in the background, porridge like, with a hint of white pepper. Rather rich, especially for a 40% ABV one. There’s apples too and I think I’m getting the faintest whiff of smoke.

The finish is rather long with more fruit than on the palate. Sweet malt, sweet oak and heavy fruit. Very syrupy and rich.

If you’re into sweet and smooth without a lot of difficult flavours, this one is for you. The closest Scottish whisky I think I’ve had is Aberfeldy. It does taste a lot older than 8 years, but there’s not much depth to be discovered. Actually, I keep being surprised by how good this actually tastes.

It’s funny, though, that something that you actually like it sitting on a shelf for six years and a bit before getting close to being finished. I think I might just make it a goal to finish this next weekend. There isn’t much left in the bottle, but if you’re game, there are some samples available.

Altore 40%, available here for € 31

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