Glen Grant 66yo, 1948-2014, 46.6% by Gordon & MacPhail, for Wealth Solutions

For the third year in a row I’ve been picked to receive a review sample of Wealth Solutions‘ epic annual release of whisky.

Wealth Solutions has, since it’s start in 2007, become a big player in Poland for people of some money. They offer solutions for wealth, so to say. The focus on collectibles in the way of whisky, wine and art, and since this year also a cognac.

These are, of course, not just any expensive bottle of hooch, but some extremely precious releases. First there was the Glenfarclas 1953. At the time of release the oldest Glenfarclas ever. Then came the Karuizawa 1964. At the time of release the oldest Karuizawa ever. Now they’ve bottled a Glen Grant from 1948. At the time of release the oldest Glen Grant ever. I spot a trend here.

I also received a sample of their Lesprit de Tiffon cognac, but I’m saving that for a later moment after I’ve tried some more cognacs, so I at least have a bit of a clue what I’m doing.

This Glen Grant was presented by Charles MacLean in Warsaw a couple of months ago with all kinds of bombast. I watched part of the release party but found it not all that interesting at the time. Mostly because I didn’t have a sample and was not expecting there to be samples. I try to not gawk at things that are beyond my reach.

Anyway, I got contacted by Piotr Suchodolski of Wealth Solutions whether or not I’d be interested in receiving a sample for some coverage on my blog. I guess that question was a rhetoric one… Let’s get to it.

Glen Grant 1948, 66 years old

Glen Grant 1948, 66 years old

It’s full, rich and old fashioned to begin with. A light dusting of wood spices with aniseed, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. There’s oak and ‘speculaas’ spices, some dried apple. The nose is oh so classic. Very distinguished and sophisticated. Hard to describe. I also get Valencia oranges in the background.

The palate is gentle but has a rather mature bite to it (this sounds way more than a cougar than I’d like it to). It focuses heavily on the oak and spices, but it’s not as rich as on the nose. It’s gentle and does have a hint of clear spring water running through the Scottish hills. Moss and the tiniest hint of minerals, I’d say. Slightly drying with some red peppers, warming and a tiny hint of paper.

The finish is incredibly gentle. It’s certainly there and lasting, but it never bites. It caresses. Classic and old fashioned with some spices and hints of dried orange slices, apple too. Maybe some ripe pear. It lasts forever.

Now, to rate this and write something coherent about such a whisky…

I should start by saying it’s beautiful. It’s a little thin on the palate and I think they shouldn’t have left it any longer in the cask because the oak is about to take over and go for more paper and cardboard flavors.

Having said that, the balance between the oak NOW, and the spices with the tiny hints of lovely dried fruit is, as Charles MacLean said it, exquisite. It tastes of Speyside. It tastes of small rivers running through meadows over rocks and moss. It tastes of gentle spices.

Without getting any more prosaic, this is a stunning dram. One you have to sit down for. One that is gentle and would definitely not fit at a festival. One that does fit in leather armchairs in some luxury gents club in some hamlet in Scotland, after hunting deer for day in a drizzle.

I don’t have a clue to what the price is, this one has not been for sale like the previous two bottlings but believe me it’s not cheap. I’d say around ten grand, and probably over.

Glen Grant 66yo, 1948-2014, 46.6% by Gordon & MacPhail, for Wealth Solutions

Full disclosure:
I got this sample from Wealth Solutions, my sample number was 26 so if you see that in auctions, don’t buy it, it’s a fake. Thanks a million to the people at Wealth Solutions for sending me this. I love you.

Sample #26

Sample #26


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  1. Maarten says:

    You lucky bastard!

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