A wind of change

A wind of change for me at least, and on a mental level.

I am getting tired of having a whisky collection.

Boom! There it is. I used to like to have as many bottles of goodness when I still had an in-home office where I had a desk, lots and lots of cupboards for my bottles to be on display and a small sitting area.

I cleaned out that room in favor of our daughter and set up shop in a much smaller room (from 15m2 to 5m2 or so). The desk was out since I wasn’t working from home anymore, only one chair remained and if I pushed the bottles close together everything just fit in.

Then our son came along and that room, too, was needed for more ‘sensible’ purposes. Now my closed bottles sit in boxes in the attic. I can barely reach them because of all the unused toys and other clutter that’s heaped up in there.

I do not like this.

I liked having the bottles where I could see them and even then I wanted to open them all and have a massive tasting. This, of course, doesn’t really fit with the have-less-bottles-open project I’m working on (regularly referred to as ‘drinking’). Now it just sits there. Waiting for a the right moment to open them which might be never.

Of course, I want my little stash for when I am old or have something awesome to celebrate in a decade or two. There’s a nice Brora in there, some Rosebank, and some others. But mainly, I don’t like to have the attic full of almost forgotten booze.

I am noticing the benefit of having less bottles open, which is a bit more speed with which I finish them. This made me open one or two bottles from upstairs again.

Another benefit of not having many bottles stored is that you don’t get to spend much on stuff you want but are not going to drink anyway. As said on my bottle-sale page, for some of them the moment has simply gone.

Of course, the most simple solution for this would be to stop buying bottles and drink what I have first. My wife is an avid supporter of this, but I like buying booze. I like the idea of something new. Really new, which I have not yet owned for years.

Obviously this should not matter because an unopened bottle is an unopened bottle. When I pick up something old from auction it’s new too. But still, I like something new. A quite materialistic outlook if there ever was one.

For this reason I’m pruning my collection a little bit and have again sold some bottles. I’m trying to sell some more. I’m also trying to buy a bit less or share the bottles I buy so I have to open and drink them. This happened a lot at the end of last year and I like that. That way I got to open all the TWE Show bottles I bought, and Whiskybase’s GlenDronach and quite some more.

So that. I’ve come to a point at which I don’t like having a large collection of all but forgotten booze in the attic. I want to be a whisky drinker, not a hoarder.


Oh, and please, no comments about how I could give it all to you. That’s not how this works.


About Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer

I'm very interested in booze, with a focus on whisky. I like to listen to loads of music and play lots of Magic: the Gathering, and board games too. I'm married to Anneke, have two daughters Ot and Cato, a son Moos and a cat called Kikker (which means Frog, in Dutch). I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands.
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12 Responses to A wind of change

  1. Pim says:

    I’m with you Sjoerd, for me it was the same with my (vinyl) records collecting dust on the attic. At the moment the collection has been narrowed down from 1500+ to ~150 (took about a year to sell in bundles and I’m a packaging expert by now too), and it will end up with ~20. The money that selling the records raised has been largely been sinked into photography gear that actually gets used and the records get played again by their new owners as well.. I hope. Anyways, selling off/shedding excess stuff does feel liberating.

    • I did the same around our move to Krommenie with:

      – My Dungeons and Dragons stuf
      – My Magic The Gathering cards

      And more recently with the remainder of our DVD collection. I hope to get around to cleaning out the attic some more soon. There’s about three cubic meters of books that need pruning.

      Somehow, getting rid of stuff declutters my mind too. Now we can barely walk in the attic, and even while I’m at work I find that annoying 😉

  2. Bigwxxl says:

    you sound like my wife now Sjoerd 😁

  3. Yori Costa says:

    So far I have been quite succesful at not buying too much, the problem is I just buy more expensive stuff. One way I have found to satisfy my thirst for new bottles is to swap samples – I get to taste many things I want and either can’t afford or don’t want to try yet… If you have some unfinished bottles you would like to get rid of to open others note me through FB…

    • I suck at not buying anything. I keep planning to, but it never works. I only now remember me telling my wife to skip buying, a few hours after ordering some random booze.

      Anyway, I’m always selling samples from my site. Just check the samples list from the top tabs.

  4. An updated list of bottles I have for sale is on the bottle-sale page. See the top of the page.

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  6. Anon says:

    Hi, Sjoerd – please can you send me an email? I’m interested in buying some of your samples but am not on Facebook. Thanks!

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