Prometheus 26 year old Speyside Scotch Whisky, 47% – The Glasgow Distillery Co.

Prometheus is a whisky release from the Glasgow Distillery Company, which is still building its distillery. In a way this is a rebuilding project since there already was a Glasgow Distillery Co. which closed its doors in 1903. By the timing of this closure it most likely had to do with the Pattison crash which caused great upheaval in the whisky industry in 1898.

Anyway, with so many distilleries being built and distilleries being expanded, its hardly surprising that a company in Glasgow wants in on the action since they’re in a very touristy spot and there’s just Auchentoshan in Glasgow, and that’s not exactly in the city center. The distillery on the Clyde waterfront got their green light last summer so I expect things to be happening now. It’s been quiet though.

EDIT: It seems I have been mixing up two different companies. There’s the Glasgow DistillERY Company (of which comes this whisky) and there’s the Glasgow DistillING Company, which is building the distillery on the Clyde waterfront.

Mr. Raymond Hackland of the company got in touch a while ago and asked if I was willing to review his first release. As most new distillery companies they’re trying to get some money coming in before their whisky hits the market in 2018 (if not later) and what better way than bottle some awesome single casks!

It’s called a Speyside whisky and that generally means it’s Glenfarclas, although Balvenie and Glenlivet also don’t like their name on whiskies bottled by others. There are probably others too, so we don’t exactly know what it is.

The nose starts of with some light sherry with fresh fruit notes of peaches and apricots. Even though it’s 26 years old the nose is rather young without the wood overpowering everything (this is a good thing). There is some oak of course, but the nose is still crisp, fruity and tropical. I also get a whiff of mango and cinnamon.

The palate is fruity again and highly consistent with the nose. Peaches, apricot, and other tropical fruits. Crisp with mango and sweet orange, also some sweet wood spices like cinnamon. And some oak of course.

The finish is largely the same as the palate with the same flavors of peach and apricot slowly fading away. The lesser notes of mango, orange and cinnamon are not as present.

It’s not often that a whisky is as consistent as this and while that makes for a bit less development, it does make for drinking ease. This is a highly drinkable Speysider and my guess would be Glenlivet or Glenfarclas. One of those nice and lightly sherried drams. Balvenie would be different, I think.

I like the fruity flavors a lot, and the small hint of cinnamon makes for a tad of complexity that is needed to keep a whisky interesting. The only drawback of this whisky is that the price is rather steep at £ 380 for 70cl.

With the price sitting at that point I doubt the whisky is marketed at me, since I never spend that much on a bottle, and when I do I think I expect a little bit more complexity.

Having said that, you could do much worse with a random 400 quid bottle than this one.

Prometheus 26 year old Speyside Scotch Whisky, 47%, The Glasgow Distillery Co. The price is expected to be £ 380. I haven’t found any shop links as of yet, though.

A big shout out to the Glasgow Distillery Company for sending out samples! Much obliged.

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5 Responses to Prometheus 26 year old Speyside Scotch Whisky, 47% – The Glasgow Distillery Co.

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  2. Glen Moore says:

    The Glasgow Distillery Co operate from a closed distillery on the Hillington Industrial Estate some 8 miles from Glasgow City Centre. The distillery on the Clyde to which you refer is being Built by The Glasgow Distilling Company an entirely different company and offering!!!!

  3. samuelstyve says:

    Little jealous…but a well written article. Thanks

  4. samuelstyve says:

    Reblogged this on Whiskey And Whisky For The Everyday Man and commented:
    Would love to try this

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