Irish Single Malt, 12yo, 2002-2015, 52.9% – The Nectar of the Daily Drams

Irish Whiskey is hot these days. The focus lies mostly on the 1988-1993 era for some reason, but occasionally there’s something else popping up too. That’s quite nice since the aforementioned time frame can get pretty expensive now it’s becoming more and more popular.

For a bottle share I tried getting the three Irish single malts that The Nectar of the Daily Drams released in a batch a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the 26 year old was already sold out. I did manage to get a sample of it, which I still have to taste.

So, the bottle share only consisted of the 12 and the 14 year old. Respectively from 2002 and 2000. I finally managed to try them just before our holiday and I finished them on the camping in Brittany. There are worse things to pack, I imagine.

Unfortunately, the distillery remains undisclosed. I expect it to be either Cooley or Bushmills, since I don’t think any others were making single malt whiskey around the time.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

It’s a massive fruit bomb from the start. Quite recognizable as an Irish whiskey, if you’ve had some before. Quite unlike scotch. Some vanilla, wild flowers, straw, roses, rose hip. But also banana, pear, and almost no oak to speak of.

Quite sharp from the alcohol, but not overpoweringly so. Gentle flavors. Grain, fresh fruit, flowers. Pear, baked apple, banana. Roses and daffodils. Quite rich, actually.

The finish is long and consistent with the palate. Lots of fruit and flowers, some vanilla and a touch of oak.

While this is a very light dram, there’s a certain sweetness and richness that makes it very interesting, and very delicious. The oak hasn’t overpowered the spirit in any way and while there is a touch of vanilla, it doesn’t push anything else back at all. A gorgeous whiskey.

This whiskey does exactly what I love about Irish whiskey. It’s light, summery. Lots of fruit and flowers, but not in a perfumy way. I didn’t get any FWP notes, knowadimsayin?

Based on the flavor profile I still don’t have a clue to either Cooley and Bushmills, although I have more experience with Cooley tasting like this, but then with peat and named Connemara. Interesting…

One of the added benefits of this whiskey is that it came in a reasonable plain bottle, but with a cool label. It only cost € 60 or so, so that was pretty rad as well. I hope Daily Dram are going to put out more of this stuff at a similar price point!

Irish Single Malt, 12yo, 2002-2015, 52.9%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams. Still available at the Dram Brothers Shop


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