Glenturret 2000-2014, 50% – Gordon & MacPhail Exclusive

I don’t get to try too many of the Gordon & MacPhail Exclusives. It might actually have been a couple of years during on the Blog Birthday Bashes that someone brought a bottle of Scapa from the brand.

I might be able to get my hands on some when I’m in Scotland later this year, as it seems smart to drop by the shop when we’re almost in Elgin anyway.

Glenturret is a distillery most known for being the home of Famous Grouse. Apart from that they do have their own bottlings but most of the more special releases stay in the UK. Most of my experience with the brand comes from the 1977-ish bottlings that popped up about three years ago. I tried the Master of Malt one, and when in Limburg at the Whisky Fair I tried a couple more. I loved those.

I got a sample of this through a trade with JvG. Which reminds me, I still have to send him something again.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

Lots of spicy sherry. And by lots I mean LOTS. Chocolate and cinnamon, some really ripe banana. Raisins, some nuts (Brazil nuts, maybe some pecans too). Again, lots of sherry. Leather and wax after a while too.

The palate is sharp with lots of milk chocolate and oak. Again, a boat load of sherry. Red and black pepper, leather, cinnamon (the brown spicy kind and the red hot kind). Behind all the spices and sherry it’s still pretty sweet.

The finish is quite mellow compared to the palate. Sweet, with some kind of candy I can’t figure out. Raisins, chocolate, Brazil nuts, some pepper. Lots and lots of sherry again. Quite bitter suddenly and long.

What the heck is this!? Technically I would have to say that the sherry overpowers everything the distillery has tried to do with it, and therefore it should lose a bit of ‘points’, but I love this stuff. The flavors are out there and not overly balanced at all, but it’s just very delicious.

I like the slight bitter notes, the nuts, the fruits, the sherry, the lot. Quite a bizarre dram, and then to think it’s a refill sherry hogshead! It might be that the milky notes I got when penning down ‘milk chocolate’ are a speck of distillery character, since I’ve had that before in Glenturret. The rest, however, is almost all wood influence.

A strange dram, but a delicious one. Quite expensive by now, though.

Glenturret 2000-2014, 50%, Refill Sherry Hogshead, cask #535, Gordon & MacPhail Exclusive (only available in their shop). Currently valued at € 175, but sold out.


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