Springbank 1996-2016, 19yo, cask 106, 54.8% – Archives

The last of the three Springbanks released by Whiskybase / Archives about two weeks ago is the only sherry cask of the bunch. The cask filling date and the bottling date are slightly different but comparable enough.

An interesting fact is that this only came out about two weeks ago and people are already trying to flip it on the Whiskybase Marketplace for € 999, while the original price was ‘only’ € 180.

Also interesting is that where the bourbon casks were refill hogsheads, this comes from a fresh sherry hogshead. So first fill. The hogshead denominator does not necessarily mean that it was made from American oak, although that is very likely.

The sherry influence is very clear and reminiscent of a more juicy and fruity sherry. Lots of peaches and plums and dates. Old oak with a light dusting of baking spices. Slightly feinty and maybe even a hint of sulfur on the nose. In a good way that is.

The palate is slightly sharper than the nose suggests (but not as sharp as cask 551). Some chili pepper and grilled fruit. Peach, apricot, date. Slightly bitter with tea, lots of oak and some earthy flavors.

The finish is mostly spicy with some fruit and pith. Quite long. After a while the spices get more subdued and it all becomes more fruity.

Again, the guys at Whiskybase have picked an awesome cask. I’ve tried several sherried Springbanks over the years, but they have become few and far between over the last couple annums. However, this is a really good one and (if I would have bought it) would have a great addition to my ever growing collection of Springbank whiskies.

The fruity flavors are nothing to be surprised by, but the combination of the spices and the earthy hint of tea and old oak made it something ‘more’, something better. Great stuff, albeit the least interesting of the three…


Springbank 17/05/1996 – 26/02/2016, 19yo, Fresh Sherry Hogshead 106, 54.8%, Archives (Shells from the Bay of Caracas). It used to cost € 180 but is already sold out.

Thanks to Whiskybase for a sample!


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