BTC Sample 16: Bunnahabhain 1991-2014, 46%, Wemyss ‘A Thread of Smoke’

Yesterday’s Whatsapp discussion with SA, on the forum as ‘SigaarJood’ (he can state things like that without it being discriminatory because he’s part of a minority):

You’re getting a light smoke too?
I’m sure as hell liking it, but not a clue

Not yet. I’m going to let it sit and open a bit

I can’t think of anything with this salinity and light smoke that makes sense
I don’t think it’s funky enough for Springbank, it can’t be Talisker or Laddie or Highland Park.
It’s not Bunna

I can’t figure it the age at all
You’re right that it’s a hair smokey

Might be Pulteney, but generally that has far more vanilla

I wouldn’t put it over 46% though

We carried on like that for a while. The important bit is that I completely wrote off Bunnahabhain. Most Bunnas I know, from before and after 1991 have a far more fatty texture, and are much more malt forward too. So, it wasn’t Bunna. Right.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

Alcohol, a light graininess, and some light smoke. Grass, hay, some dried apples. Very old fashioned complexity.

A bit gentle on the arrival, but it gets a bit sharper after a second or two. Quite dry, more straw than hay this time. Slightly austere and lightly smoky. A tad salty maybe?

Dry with some oak, a light woody smokiness and a bit of mineral like austerity. Apple too.

Somewhat short tasting notes but damn. This is one awesome dram. Old fashioned complexity, gentle smoke. I bet it’s from a refill hogshead, since there’s not so much vanilla in there, which is a very good thing.

Last year my whisky of the year was a Wemyss Bowmore. Apparently these people know how to do Islay whiskies! Taking the top spot on my wishlist now!


Bunnahabhain 1991-2014, 46%, Wemyss ‘A Thread of Smoke’. Available in Germany for about € 110.


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