BTC #7: Glenburgie 1995-2016, 21yo, 54.1% – Archives

So far, I’ve not guessed one distillery correct, and only got points for age and region. On one day I got points for the ABV because it wasn’t a cask strength bottling and we were informed the lowest ABV in this year’s set was 46%.

Luckily, contrary to some previous years, I did get points on every day for something. I’m at 210 points (out of 700) after seven days. Only 30%, but that’s a lot more than previous years. I am really, really bad at this.



Image from Whiskybase

At first nosing I got a lot of licorice and salmiac. Also some sweetness from caramel. There was something quite meaty too, like Parma ham. Quite heavy, with some sawdust and spices.

The palate is pretty sharp and has some pepper. Vanilla crumble and slightly syrupy. The heavy meatiness is present on the palate too. Some spices too, but less so than on the nose.

The full finish is very lightly fruity all of a sudden. Licorice again with a heavy long, wind down.

It’s a bit of an inconsistent whisky with a lot of flavors popping up here and there. Not that that’s a drawback, just something I noticed. Generally that means it’s a single cask whisky in my experience.

I love the heavy meatiness it has on the nose and palate. It’s nicely combined with some spices and a bit of sweetness. Quite a likeable dram. My guess went to a Speyside distillery at some 20 years of age. I was a tad too high on the ABV for points. The distillery I semi randomly guessed was Inchgower.


Glenburgie 1995-2016, 21yo, Hogshead 6282, 54.1%, Archives (Fishes of Samoa)


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