Miltonduff 2009 – Casqueteers

So, there’s not a lot of information on this bottling. It’s a bourbon cask from 2009, number 900068, to be precise. Also, the Casqueteers bought it in 2015 and plan to store it until 2021-ish.

The shares were available for buying at 180 euros a piece. They indicate excise, bottling, transport and such at another 240 euros, with some 8 bottles as the result for a share. Roughly 50 euros a piece, towards the end.

I got this sample recently from, I assume, a shareholder of the cask (RvB) and I just reviewed it. I figured I might as well get the review out of the way.


Image from the Casqueteers website

Young, malty and strong. Toast, fresh barley, some vanilla and straw. A mossy green spirit is still rather prominent.

Strong on the palate too. Close to 60% I guess. Straw, dry with some herbs. A hint of oak and fresh, young oak. A bit of nougat too. A hint of honey sweetness towards the back.

A bit syrupy and rather hot. Green, spirity and a hint of vanilla. Quite short and youthful.

Honestly, I find this hard to rate. Generally I like a good bit of spirit in my whisky, since that is what gives the whisky character. On the other hand, in this case the spirit is rather generic. It does everything you expect a Speyside whisky to do, but on steroids. The steroids, however, translate mostly to the fiery flavors and the alcoholic strength of it.

So, yes, there are certain things to like here. However, it’s all a bit generic. I think it’s a good thing they’re leaving it in the cask for a little while longer. Those three years (assuming this was sample was drawn recently) might improve this significantly.

At the moment I rate this 83/100

Miltonduff 2009, Casqueteers. More information here.


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