Dallas Dhu 1981-2005, 24yo, 58.3% – Duncan Taylor

20181022_130900With my family and I being on holiday in Scotland, in Findhorn, I had to pick some nice drams for the evenings. I might sound weird to bring whisky to Scotland, but with prices there and here, and with there being quite enough whisky in my possession already, it seemed the best choice.

Findhorn is quite near Forres, and in Forres there used to be the Dallas Dhu distillery. Technically it is still there, but it hasn’t been in production for ages. But, bringing a Dallas Dhu sample sounded like a good choice. Yes, there will also be a Benromach review soon.

Dallas Dhu is quite a rare whisky with not much of a following. It’s been converted into a museum in the 1980s and has been quite well kept. The whisky, however, has become increasingly rare. Unlike some other closed Diageo distilleries (Port Ellen, Brora, Rosebank) it’s not demanding record prices, although it is going up too.


We tried to visit the museum and show the kids how daddy’s lemonade is made, but even though the sign said it was open from 10 to 4 or so, it was closed at 1.30. We only had a walk around and went back to our cottage after.

Anyway, in my stash I had a sample of 1981 Dallas Dhu. Not only one of the last years it was in production, but also my year of birth, so a double whammy. Thanks MvZ!


Image from Whiskybase

A dusty, chalky scent with sawdust, icing sugar and grist. Some corky apple and a bit of a more generic ‘orchard fruit gone off’ scent.

A lot stronger than the scent makes you expect. Apples, barley, a lot of light oak. A hint of white wine like flavors, but stronger.

A long finish that’s full of bourbon cask. Orchard fruits, oak, quite gentle, some grapes, minerals, slate.

A very unsurprising Dallas Dhu. I’ve not reviewed many of them, but they all seem to be in the same wheel house. Gentle flavors with a powerful punch to drive them home. This one is exactly as you’d expect it if you give it some thought (I didn’t and only just now realize how consistent they must have been).

Having said that, I do think this whisky is a bit too strong for the flavors it brings. I think, in hindsight this could have done with some water. There’s a risk of spoiling it, because these gently flavored whiskies tend to be watered down too quickly. They don’t swim well.


Dallas Dhu 1981-2005, 24yo, 58.3%, Duncan Taylor Rare Auld



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