Jura One and All, 21yo, 51%

Let’s get this out: I generally think of Jura as my second least favorite distillery in Scotland. The number one spot is taken by Abhainn Dearg. Somehow, I decided to give them another chance two years ago when this one came out. It must have been a shit day, since it’s not only a Jura, but also a jumble of generally not-so-good-for-whisky casks. They could have kept the Pinot Noir and Cabernet, for all I care.

To demonstrate how much I don’t like Jura, just read on.

I was on the Isle of Jura last year. We decided during our trip on Islay to do a little bit of walking there. Of course, ferry times weren’t properly investigated, so we didn’t get around to climbing one of the paps, but did some hiking randomly. Also, we decided we knew better than the extremely detailed and updated hiking maps and decided there was a path where there was none. Somehow, after a torn pair of pants, mud up to our crotches and knackered hiking boots, we ended up at the Jura Distillery. We didn’t go in. It might be one of the most hard to reach distilleries in Scotland, and we couldn’t be arsed.

Anyway, a 21 year old Jura, from Sherry, Bourbon, Cabernet and Pinot Noir casks. I tried to bottle share it but didn’t get through all the bits. I brought it to Maltstock last year after taking a small sample for later assessing. I think it emptied over the weekend.

A lot of cask influence from the wine casks. It changes the normal funkiness of Jura. Still, it has a bit of that rubber band scent that puts me off of Jura. There’s a lot of oak, with a jumble of scents, none prominent.

The palate is rather sweet and has a lot of peppery heat. Black pepper, pink peppercorns and chili. Again, a bit of a jumble. A lot of oak, and the funkiness is a bit less than on the nose. More feinty, and smoke, heavy smoke. Thick and fatty, with hints of barbecue.

The finish is rather mellow, with a bit of dry oak, more than before. The wine cask is coming through, with sweetness and rancio and fruit.

Quite drinkable, for a Jura. The balance is weird (…not there…) with the wine casks taking over the distillate, and the rest of the casks only adding a bit of confusion instead of depth.

I can’t seem to like what they’re produce. I tried that 1966 one which was great, but apart from that, I don’t think I’ve ever had one I wanted a bottle of in hindsight.


Jura One and All, 21 years old, a variety of casks, 51%. Available for 125 quid


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