Glentauchers 20, 50.9% – Chorlton Whisky

Chorlton, honestly, sounds like the polite English version of barfing, but apart from that, I had never heard of this whisky brand, and until I found these tasting notes and looked up more information on the bottling, I had once again forgotten its existence.

Anyhow… Glentauchers is always a bit of a weird one, in my book. There’s not much out there and what is available is rather polarizing. I know of a lot of people who really like it, especially their sherry bombs that have been released the last couple of years. But this is from a refill bourbon barrel. More room for a little known distillery character to show itself.


Image from Whiskybase

Some waxy notes on the nose, with some fresh oak. Wood shavings, corky apples, in a good way. Some red fruit eventually.

Some bite on the palate, with a lot of cake like flavors. Some vanilla and a bit of butter. Wax, honey, oak.

The finish is bit mineral like, with apple and iron. Some wax again, but hardly any wood.

So, it’s a bit of a weird one. If you’d have given me the tasting notes on either the nose, palate or finish, I would have told you it was from a bourbon cask, but I wouldn’t have put them together on the same whisky. It does make it feel a bit out of whack. On the other hand, it does give you something to discover while tasting this.

It’s nice, with some very likable flavors, but not overly complex. The waxy notes are good, and prominent, which is a very good thing.


Glentauchers 20yo, bottled in 2018, Refll Bourbon Barrel, 50.9%, Chorlton Whisky. Available in Whiskybase’s Marketplace for € 155, which I find a bit steep.


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