Old Taylor 43% (bottled in 1973)

Of course, it’s pretty obvious I’m deep diving into American whiskey again. It was never far away, but I didn’t really engage with it properly for a while. I did get some samples from MvZ in the past that I hadn’t tried yet, and this is one of them.

There is at least one even older one that I’ll be reviewing soon, from the original Stitzel-Weller distillery, so that should be something!

This one then, bottled in 1973. Since it’s a straight whiskey without an age statement, it’s at least four years old. That results in this being distilled in the late sixties at the latest. Over fifty years ago.

Image from MvZ

Very rich and rather light bourbon. It’s a bit more minty and menthol like than contemporary bourbons, in general. There’s corn, and dry oak but not an overload of sweetness. Cigar leaves, for a bit more depth.

The palate brings a bit more sweetness, but that is nicely held in check by a surprising amount of bite (for a 43% whiskey), and some cherry stones and almonds. Sour cherries, dry oak and sawdust, and a dry kind of menthol with a hint of cigarette.

The finish mellows quickly and leaves a bit more spicy notes together with the bitterness and sweetness of the palate. The oak is a bit more prominent and therefore, the dryness is too.

There are some things that this whiskey is, and is not. It’s a much more old fashioned whiskey which makes it stand out from the contemporary crowd. It’s a bit lighter than ‘really’ old fashioned whiskeys though. What it’s not is a whiskey that changes your view of bourbon in general.

The menthol and cherry notes are great. A different style of oak and cigarettes is interesting too. I wouldn’t mind having a bottle of this!


Old Taylor Straight Bourbon, 43%, bottled in 1973


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