Kilkerran 11, 2006-2017, Rum Barrel, 57.7% – Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting

Another find in the sample stash. I started writing these tasting notes a bit apprehensive. Over the years there have been quite some Kilkerrans that I didn’t enjoy much. In my opinion it ranks just above Hazelburn as a brand. That still makes it my fourth favorite whisky brand in Campbeltown, though!

Image from Whiskybase

I didn’t know what to expect and even though I wrote the notes quite some time ago, I didn’t know this was drawn from a rum cask until tonight.

This wouldn’t have helped since I am also not a huge proponent of rum casks. I know some people absolutely love what Springbank does with these casks, but I’m not one of them.

Let’s dive in before my negativity becomes too much to bear.

Lots of straw and rabbit pens. Wet wood, wet straw, some vegetables. Dry barley, husks, barley ears. Slightly charcoal like.

Fierce, as a first dram. Very dry with lots of sharpness from the alcohol. Dry barley again, with the same straw and husks as before. Some oak with coconut shell and some walnuts.

Very warming and slightly more focused on the oak. A bit less dry as well.

A tad dull, and not exceptional in any way. The thing that stands out most is the walnuts on the palate, which give it a bit of funk. Apart from that, it’s boring. That doesn’t necessarily make it bad, but it doesn’t get much more thrilling than ‘not bad’.


Kilkerran 11yo, 2006-2017, Rum Barrel 17-229, 57.7%, Cadenhead Warehouse Tasting.


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