Glen Mhor 1980-2011, Refill Sherry Butts, 43% – Gordon & MacPhail Rare Vintage

Yet another obscure whisky from the Fiddler’s Advent Calendar. It has been a few years since I tried any Glen Mhor, which is not strange considering the place has been closed for 38 years.

This gentle 43% whisky was bottled ten years ago and based on the Whiskybase rating it’s not a great one. Let’s find out for ourselves!

Image from Whiskybase

Chamois leather, dried lemon, old bread. A hint of brittle paper, tired wood with some hessian. A whiff of acidity too.

The palate is very gentle (low ABV), with some honey sweetness, simple syrup. It still has those hints of moldy attics, shammy leather, old bread. The acidity is still there but toned down.

Dry with hints of shammy leather and hint of vanilla cream. Acidic with dried lemon, paper and old bread.

More interesting than it is awesome, but I sure love this kind of stuff. I would not really have guessed this was a sherry cask based on the tasting notes. But there sure is some age on this one. My money is on this being rather tired casks that didn’t do much for the whisky.

When this was bottled, it was almost 30 years since the distillery shut its doors. By then this stuff had become rare and wanted. I guess this was bottled more to please collectors than it was for the whisky itself. Then again, it’s not that bad either. It is just not something worth spending hundreds on.

Especially now that this bottle goes for some € 400



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