Foursquare Sagacity, 12yo, Madeira cask, 48%

I’m not following the rum industry in any way, shape or form, but it turns out they’re finishing their drinks in different casks too! This Foursquare bottling was matured in bourbon barrels first (no surprise there) before it was finished in a Madeira cask.

Image from Zeewijck

Now, contrary to the recent Springbank review, I won’t be able to define whether or not the spirit is overpowered by the casks used, since I don’t know how ‘regular’ Foursquare tastes. That might be hard to figure out since every bottling they put out seems to be special in some way.

Anyway, I got this bottle a few months ago after Serge gave it 90 points on Whiskyfun. It suddenly sold out but I was just in time to snag up the last bottle at Drinks & Gifts, and use it for a tasting. Contrary to all other bottles used in that tasting, I kept this one to myself and finished it over the last couple of months.

Warm and summery with lots of ripe tropical fruits. A layer of richness with oak and molasses, golden syrup and burnt sugar. Baked banana, papaya, mango.

The palate is intense, with a bit of peppery heat. The richness fills that up nicely, with lots of oaky spices, sweet molasses and a slight bitter touch of burnt sugar. Still quite syrupy and fruity, more roasted mango and grilled banana.

The finish is mellow and sweet. Long and intense with fruit, spices, oak and molasses. Some dryness to boot.

Even though I’ve written rum tasting notes before I barely think I’m doing this justice. There’s a lot happening and I know there’s more to discovered or defined, which I’ve not been able to pin down or describe at all. However, even with my limited rum-palate, this is epic stuff and utterly delicious.

It also helps that it’s not bottled at 60% or so, but at a very nice and easy sailing 48, which seems to be spot on for my preference anyway.

Luckily, this is ‘Mark XI’, which suggests there will be more in the future. If so, I hope to be in time for one because this is just great stuff!



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