Linkwood 11, 2009-2021, Rum Cask Finish, 58.2% – King Cask

So this, in a way, is a weird one.

Image from Whiskybase

I know that the cask was transported out of Scotland and into/onto Terschelling, one of the Dutch islands in the north of the country. It was recasked there in a rum barrel for another 10 months before being bottled.

This should raise all kinds of alarms, since it’s no longer a Scotch Whisky. Then again, apart from mentioning the distillery, King Cask never says it’s a scotch whisky. I don’t even think they mention it being whisky or single malt at all. Clever.

King Cask is a Dutch bottler that is quickly gaining momentum. So far, I’ve tried two of their whiskies and a bottle of rum should be on its way. The whiskies are very good (yes, including this one), but not 90+ points stuff. However, where they gain a lot of fans is that their prices are rather acceptable.

This bottle sold/sells for around € 65 if you can still find it, which is rather cheap for an 11 year old Linkwood.

There’s a sweet edge to the normally quite ‘beery’ Linkwood. It’s quite dry and malty with lots of barley driven scents, and a whiff of green herbaceousness. Hints of brown sugar after a minute of air.

The palate is consistent with the nose. Lots of barley, a whiff of oak, and quite a sweet edge to it. The brown sugar sweetness doesn’t overpower the whisky, luckily. Some molasses, green herbs, old hops, sugarcane, grass.

The finish brings some more attention to the rum with more molasses, some cola and a dryness that’s quite sugarcane-like. Also the old hops and barley driven beer flavor lingers.

This is a very Linkwood-y Linkwood. A lot of recognizable flavors, with a rum edge to it. I think the combination of the distillery profile with a not too powerful finish works really well for this whisky.


Available in the secondary market for € 69


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