Springbank ‘The Peat Bog’ 29, 1990-2019, Bourbon Cask 204, 47.5% – Glenscoma

Since this was released in 2019, and I was very active in the whisky scene (as a consumer) I would expect to be aware this bottle existed. Of course, I was not, and it wasn’t until I saw it listed at Teun’s samples that learned of it.

With my buddy JPH, I got a sample of it for our ‘quarterly advent’, which is more or less an excuse to drink ridiculously high quality booze now and again. We tried the first few we got from Teun a while ago, and there’s still four samples waiting for soon-ish. The Blind Tasting Competition got a little bit in the way of drinking them earlier, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Image from Whiskybase

I would expect, by the way, that when something is released from Springbank and is called ‘The Peat Bog’ it would be a Longrow, but it’s not. Let’s see if that makes sense.

Charred beef and other barbecue scents. But, without the smokiness. Smoked paprika, marinade. After a little while there’s a lot of fruitiness with black cherries, blackberry jam. A sweeter style of beef jerky. Maybe even a bit gamey, like venison with cranberries or something.

The palate starts slightly timid and very gentle. The dryness of beef jerky and dry rubbed beef is here too. With a bit of sweetness in the background. Smoked paprika and brown sugar, in a marinade. Stewed forest fruits, black pepper, European oak(?).

A long finish with black pepper, dry spices and sawdust. Smoked paprika and beef jerky. A lot less fruity.

This is a very high quality whisky indeed! It’s very meaty, and that flavor of beef jerky running through it is not something you encounter often. It’s interesting, and very, very good, though!

Now it this Longrow? I don’t really know. It has flavors of smoke but in a very diferent way than I’m used to from a straight forward peated dram. Weird…



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