Glenburgie 27, 1995-2022, Hogshead 6668, 57.7% – Signatory Vintage for Wu Dram Clan

The last of the three bottlings for Wu Dram Clan’s third anniversary. I wonder whether they picked three because there’s three of them, or because they’re three years old. If it’s the latter, we’re in for some interesting follow up anniversaries!

Anyway, Glenburgie 1995, which is a pretty awesome vintage for the already popular Speyside distillery. They tend to be gentle and fruity with lots of lighter fruity notes in the bourbon cask matured ones. This one, even though it’s 27 years old, is still at 57.7% ABV, which is quite a lot for such an age.

Let’s just find out and dive in!

Image from Whiskybase

The nose has, right after pouring the sample, a surprisingly light combination of orchard fruits and a chemical scent. A bit like nail polish remover, or maybe some glue. The chemical notes dissipate quickly and give way to straw and barley. It’s almost like old St. Magdalene or some Rosebank whiskies, in how lightly fruity and floral it is. Floral as in meadows and slightly green.

Dry and slightly sharp with peppery heat (white pepper at that), orchard fruits with apples, white grapes, unripe pears. Behind that rather classical and mature fruitiness there are hints of barley and straw. After a few seconds it becomes a bit more rich with more notes of pastry and baked apples instead of the fresh ones.

The finish is slightly green, but not young at all. Moss and leafy greens. Apples and pears, slight notes of pastry and a whiff of vanilla.

This is a very traditional Glenburgie on one hand, with lovely fruity notes and a not too powerful cask influence. It shows quite a bit of depth and develops nicely in the glass.

What is interesting is that it has some old fashioned lowlands whisky characteristics on top of it. Compared to this one, most Glenburgies I’ve had are slightly more sweet and a bit less floral. The meadow-y scents and flavors give it a bit of a St. Magdalene thing, and that’s very interesting, and quite good on top of that!



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