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Tamosi Rum, Port Cask, 55%

Somehow, I got samples of this from two people. Also, I only found out after reviewing both samples. Something about doing stuff semi-blind… With semi-blind is that I just don’t pay too much attention before pouring a sample, apart from … Continue reading

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Hampden 8yo vs Hampden LROK

Hampden is a Jamaican rum distillery, and apart from profiting from the rum renaissance that’s been happening ever since whisky got so ridiculously expensive, they’ve been producing quality hooch for years. What’s more interesting from a geek’s perspective is that … Continue reading

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Hampden, 22 year old, 52.9% – Duncan Taylor

Hampden you say? There is no such distillery in the known whisk(e)y world! That is correct. Hampden is a rum distillery in/on Jamaica. Duncan Taylor made this blend out of their product with the youngest ingredient being 22 years old. … Continue reading

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