Regional Tasting Noord-Holland

The Regional Tastings is a member-organized series of tastings held in certain regions of the Netherlands. The members are of the Usquebaugh Society. This to accomodate smaller groups that don’t like to drive all across the Netherlands for a few drams.

The tastings in Noord-Holland, the province where I live, started just last year, but have been highly succesful! Below you will find the list of all drams I had. I wrote tasting notes as long as I could, but in the end my palate was quite ruined…

The whiskies were tasted blind, so the notes were not hampered by expectations:

Rosebank, 1989-2000, Provenance, 43%
Young, with pepper, a slight bitterness and liquorice. The taste was sharp with again liquorice and the finish didn’t add much.

2 stars

Ladyburn / Rare Ayrshire, 1975, 32yo, Signatory, 46%
Toffee and wood with cocoa and orange marmalade. The flavour was a bit thin with orange and wood. A slightly spicy finish.

3 stars

Aberlour-Glenlivet 12, 40%, 75cl, bottled before 1990
Vegemite, with a sweetness in the background. Old Bottle Effect. Herbs and a bit of a thin profile. Spices added in the taste with the finish becoming nicer. This one needed to aerate a bit because of the old bottle.

3 stars

Vat 69, 40%, bottled during the 60’s
Soup spices, oily and heavy but also some thick lemon flavours. The flavour is a bit thin, but not bad at all. Quiet industrial, but I like that. Beefy, soy and a hint of rubber.

4 stars

High West Rye 21, 46%
Sweet flowers, typical rye spices with cinnamon and clove. Fruity, coconut, chocolate coated orange. A dry finish with more spices, coconut and a rum-like sweetness.

5 stars

Benromach Sassicaia finish, about 5yo, 27 month finish!, 45%
Heavy leathery, with wood polish, European oak, cigars, autumn leaves. The flavour is dry tannins, tea and old wood. A slight industrial note to the finish, quite heavy and a touch of salt.

4 stars

Scapa, Old Malt Cask, 17yo, 50%
Citrus fruits with a dry hint, orchard fruits, soft and sweet, icing sugar and blood orange. The finish is very nice with summer fruits, lots of those.

4 stars

Bowmore 1993-2010, The Perfect Dram, 53.8%, Ex bourbon hogshead
The Jacobite (a steam train) with coal smoke, tinned peach syrup. The taste gives a build up towards sweet and dry saw dust. The finish has ropes, smoke and saltiness. A very good Bowmore!

4 stars

Glen Scotia, Kintra Whisky, 18yo, 52.6%, 1992-2010, 62 bottles
Leather and sherry, wood polish and leather bound books. Heavy tobacco, salt and anise. The taste is a bit less heavy but the flavours all come back. Delicious!

5 stars

Imperial, Gordon & MacPhail, 1997-2010, 61.6%, First Fill Sherry Cask 
We all expected an old bourbon cask whisky, but it was a first fill sherry butt. A full frontal nose with heaps of dry wood, and bacon. Butter, lemon.

4 stars

Bruichladdich 2-1990 – 9-2009, Valinch, Gene Genie, 53.6%
String beans on the finish, but before that, some rather thin sherry. Very weird, very not-my-thing.

2 stars

My Teaninich which I will review another time

Glenrothes, Cadenhead, 18yo, 1990 – 10-2008, 56.9%
Dry, tannines, a lot of other flavours that you usually don’t match. Mint, spices, salt, dried fruits.

3 stars

Caol Ila, 6-1995 – 2-2005, Medoc Finish
A very typical wine finish. That put me off straight away. Spicy, smoky, musty and some red fruits.

1 star

Laphroaig Cairdeas, Ileach edition, 2011
A heavy nose, with cream, straw, liquorice, smoke and fire. The taste and finish are dry, long and very good. Some fruits as well!

4 stars

At this point I stopped taking notes…

Hanyu, Ichiro’s Malt, 2000-2010, 61%

Strathisla 1974, 57%, Gordon & MacPhail

The tasting was a huge success. I didn’t come home completely hammered, but I did have a hard time getting up the next morning, and the one after that. There were some very nice drams in the line-up, especially the Glen Scotia, High West and I was really surprised by some other (Scapa, Imperial). Good times!


About Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer

I'm very interested in booze, with a focus on whisky. I like to listen to loads of music and play lots of Magic: the Gathering, and board games too. I'm married to Anneke, have two daughters Ot and Cato, a son Moos and a cat called Kikker (which means Frog, in Dutch). I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands.
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3 Responses to Regional Tasting Noord-Holland

  1. What a lineup. so many in one session? No wonder you stopped taking notes.
    that Kintra 18 Glen Scotia is something , eh? I loved it. Smoke, tobacco, and the wonderful shery.
    Man , Erik Molenaar knows his work 😉

    Keep it going mate. good stuff !

  2. GADEWEERD says:

    It was a very nice tasting! A great way to taste nice drams
    I liked the following drams very much:

    – Glen Scotia 18y 02.92-11.2010 52,6% # 141 Kintra
    Nice sherry, salt, lether and lots of fruit. 88 pnt

    – Imperial 17.11.1997-12.03.2010 G&M Cask Strenght #4969 61,6% 1st fill sherry
    Lots of fruit, waxy, full flavour, vanille, cocos, butter…sherry cask?! No way! Nicei 88 pnt

    – Vat 69 43% blend end 60s
    Heavy nose, marmite, herbs, oil, machines. Short finish. Nice Blend! 84 pn

    -Springbank 1996 54,9% 2009 specially for Hanseatische Weinhandelgeselshaft Bremen #263
    Nice nose, heavy, sherry, stock or marmite, nuts, acidy. 88 pn

    Glen Rothes Glenlivet Cadenhead 1990-10.2008 18y 56,9% Sherry
    Stock, salt, dried fruits, gunpowder, mint, Sulpher, forrest in autumn. 89 pnt

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