Redbreast 12, 40%

Another standard bottling from my own collection. I’m not entirely sure when I bought this, but I think the excuse was that we just moved in to our new house. New is a relative term in this, because it was valid then, about 4.5 years ago.

Redbreast is, like many Irish whiskeys, a product from Irish Distillers in Midleton, the massive plant that also gives us Green Spot, Yellow Spot, all Jameson varieties, Tullamore Dew, Paddy’s, Powers, and probably some others that I am forgetting right now.

It is a big plant. Luckily for Irish whiskey there are some other distilleries being built or have gone into production over the last couple of years. Cooley was a while ago in 1989, but Tullamore Dew is being rebuilt, Dingle, Kilbeggan, and some others I never heard of. (More info here).

Redbreast was one of the few Single Pot Still whiskeys before their revival, together with Green Spot. Ever since the massive increase in interest in whiskey there have been many other releases. Redbreast is a mainstay, and the range has been expanded over the last couple of years to contain also a 15 year old, 21 year old and a 12 year Cask Strength release.

The regular one then:

Red Breast 12, available from Master of Malt

Redbreast 12, available from Master of Malt

It’s sweet and smooth, with hints of sherry, both malted and unmalted barley. A hint of plastic, banana and banana flavour. Some roses too.

The palate is again smooth and sweet. A little more floral than the nose was, but it also has a dusting of crushed black pepper on top of the roses. There’s oak and malt, with a syrupy coating happening too.

The finish is fruity, and has a very ‘Irish’ feel to it. That’s probably that green malt coming back. It’s not too long and that floral note again.

It’s a very easy drinking dram and a nice step up from Irish blended whiskies. I do think this one doesn’t offer you a very in depth journey and many layers to peel back, but in many cases that isn’t what you’re looking for anyway. Straight forward, easy going and pretty delicious nonetheless.

So, a bottle that will do nicely and be finished in due time, but not one that is overly spectacular. I’ve heard about the older versions being much better, but I’ve only had the 12 CS variety. That was pretty tasty too and had a much bigger punch. I wonder what the regular 12 would have tasted like at 46% or so.

But then again: Those in the know, know Redbreast, as WhiskyCast‘s commercial tells me every week.

Redbreast, Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 40%. About € 50 at Master of Malt

Samples available.


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