Blind Tasting Competition day 15: Linkwood 1990-2014, 24yo, 57.5% – Adelphi

When I look at the whisky’s we’ve had in the competition so far, with three more days to go, I can barely imagine getting anything but Glenfiddich 12, Caol Ila 12 and a Highland Park 12 for the remaining days.

The level of whisky has been staggering, with lots of older drams, almost everything at cask strength and from independent bottlers. Way more than last year, if I remember correctly.

Yesterday we saw an Adelphi Linkwood pass our taste buds, but I did’n’t recognize anything of it. It was a difficult profile to recognize, since there was a certain type of flavor that I’ve had in quite a few distilleries. Mostly Springbank and some Macallans. In the end I opted for the Springbank, but that meant zero points for me.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

Slightly astringent on the nose, dry with hints of cork and walnut. Dried peaches in the way of peaches that have been lying around for too long, not the stuff that was meant to be dried. Rotting wood, sherry and a hint of vinegar.

The palate is fairly strong, but not overly so. Consistent with the nose. Rich, with walnuts and dried fruit. Quite a lot of oak.

The finish is more sweet and ‘typical’. Long and still slightly astringent. Oak, old oak.

That hint of walnuts and vinegar lessens throughout tasting it, but it still is present every step of the way. It’s an interesting profile that makes for a very dirty whisky. Quite tasty, but dirty. Like not all steps were done to 100% of the regular schedule.

Still, this was a tasty dram. One I wouldn’t mind having in my collection, but like yesterday, it’s a bit on the expensive side. € 150 for a whisky that is similar in profile (maybe a little more depth and complexity) to a 12 year old Springbank CS of € 65 is a bit strange.

The drawback is that I don’t have the Springbank open, and the sample of the Linkwood is gone. Otherwise it would have been interesting to put them head to head and see where the differences are.

Another good pick by Ewald. He’s been on a roll this year!

Linkwood 1990-2014, 24yo, Sherry Hogshead, 57.5%, Adelphi


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