Speyside Region 1973-2016, 43yo, 49.2% – The Whisky Agency

The series this whisky is in is called ‘Good Vibes’. Generally that quite correct as to what I’m getting when having a dram of 1970s whisky.

The whisky was distilled at an undisclosed Speyside distillery, which generally means Glenfarclas, but we can’t be 100% sure. Add to that the rather stellar reputation The Whisky Agency has and you’re good to go!

When this one came out I was undecided between the 1975 and this one at just two years older. In the end I picked the Fino Sherry Butt from 1975, but Teun was kind enough to give me a sample of this one.


Image from WhiskyBase

The first thing I notice is that there’s a pretty, ever so slightly salty sherry hint on the nose. Some white fruits too, dragonfruit and white grapes, I think. After that the ‘older’ hints start coming through. Leather, oak, bread and barley. Quite complex with more sweet fruit too, I’m guessing guava and grapes.

The palate is very intense, without being all encompassing. Lots of fruit, with leather and bread. Grapes, dragonfruit, cactus, lemon and/or lime. Some creamy and salty notes as well.

The finish is a bit drying with lots of fruit again. White fruits and sponge cake. It’s lasts for quite a while too.

Such an awesome dram that ticks a lot of boxes in just the right way. The complexity, although it’s mostly fruit and oak. The intensity without being a punch in the face.

It’s simply awesome. Literally everything works for me and the only way it could have scored higher, I think, is when it would have had some of that old Brora waxiness, but that’s just wishing for the moon…


Speyside 1973-2016, 43yo, “Good Vibes”, 49.2% – The Whisky Agency.


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1 Response to Speyside Region 1973-2016, 43yo, 49.2% – The Whisky Agency

  1. When I saw the label, I first thought it was a wine bottle… looks very uncommon for a whisky, but also pretty cool! The tasting notes sound fantastic, too!

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