Irish Single Malt Whiskey, 1990-2017, 27yo, 51.3% – The Whisky Agency for The Whisky Exchange

I guess that’s the longest title I’ve ever used on my blog…

Anyway, with the current popularity of Irish whiskeys from the late eighties to mid-nineties, it’s no surprise to see these popping up here and there. I also realize that The Whisky Agency has (or had…) quite some casks of that stuff available since they’ve been bottling older Irish whiskeys for a couple of years now.

The Whisky Exchange has had at least one other, maybe more of these exclusives in recent years, and it’s interesting to see the two companies joining forces for this one. This is interesting since both The Whisky Exchange and The Whisky Agency are held in high regard for their bottlings. Them joining for this one should make this an instant hit.

Now, I think I have to say that these older Irish whiskeys have been a hit and miss for me. Some of the releases have been amazing, and some have been good but just a tad too sweet and candy-like for me.

irish_twa1990The nose starts rather crisp, with some sweet and fresh fruit. Slightly sugary grapes, tinned pineapple and apple. Then the slightly more rich cereal notes start coming through, with white bread and cream crackers. A hint of vanilla and pear drops later on.

The palate is rich and slightly sweet, but not too sweet. Barley with ripe fruits. Slightly dryer than on the nose with crusty bread, fresh pineapple, apple. Some vanilla again, and those cream crackers.

The finish is more typical of these older Irish whiskeys with more sweetness and sugary notes. There ripe fruit and simple syrup. Some oak and some (not sure how this got triggered) beach wood.

Well, this one didn’t disappoint! The candy like sweetness is present, but it is far less intimidating than in a lot of other bottlings, which makes this is a really interesting whiskey. The combination of (non-standard) cereal notes, with lots of oak and fruit make for a great sipping whisky, if you ask me.

A really good dram, and a showcase for other Irish whiskeys. I’m so, so glad it doesn’t have that overpowering, plastic-y winegum smell. You know, the one you get when you smell the winegums in the bag. Chemicals, sweetness, and plastic. This one doesn’t have that. Awesome!


Irish Single Malt Whiskey, 1990-2017, 27yo, Bourbon Barrel, 51.3%, The Whisky Agency for The Whisky Exchange. Available at The Whisky Exchange for £ 260

Thanks to The Whisky Exchange for sending me a sample! Much obliged!


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