Inchmurrin 1996-2018, 51% – Malts of Scotland

I was just checking, but I’ve not reviewed an Inchmurrin since the triptych from the Whisky Nerds came out last year. I’ve had some in between and even guessed on right in a blind tasting I was at, a few weeks ago. It’s a rather recognizable character, so to say.

Then, a while ago, I bought this sample of my ‘whisky neighbour’ RvB since it was a decently aged Inchmurrin, from a respected bottler, and from a sherry cask. A recipe for success, I’d say!

Let’s dive right in!


Image from WhiskyBase

Moldy sherry notes. Dry, slightly coastal, hay, old fruit. It’s very weird, very unconventional. Pencils.

Strangely thin, but strong. Some oak, plants, hay, sherry. But it’s not overly rich or complex. Gets stronger and strangely beery.

Some pencils, sulphur, sherry and hay. Not very long, but rather green.

It’s weird in the wrong way. Hence the lack of introduction, since I couldn’t really talk this up. Technically, it has all the right flavors, but there’s a lot more happening that doesn’t sit well with me. The pencil like note doesn’t combine with the sherry on the nose. The beery note on the palate doesn’t combine with the other flavors, and it’s weirdly thin.

Short to say, I’m glad I didn’t buy a whole bottle.


Inchmurrin 1996-2018, Sherry Hogshead #18020, 51%, Malts of Scotland


What a way to close out the year…


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  1. just to show not every single cask is awesome 🙂
    happy new year amigo!

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