Tamdhu Batch Strength 001, 58.8%

Sometimes someone else posts a bottle-share in ‘my’ bottle-share group and sometimes I buy or trade a sample of said share. In this situation, I got my hands on a 2015 bottling of Tamdhu, the first of their Batch Strength releases.

I think, in this case, Batch Strength means that it’s actually a cask strength whisky, but made of multiple casks. I might be able to find that out by Googling it, but I don’t really case, to be honest. High strength Tamdhu, from sherry casks. Sounds good to me!


Image from WhiskyBase

Simple fruity oloroso. Lots of apricots, prunes and dates. Some barley and a whiff of old hessian. Gets stale after a few seconds, strangely. Still fruity, but dusty and ‘old’ in the wrong way.

Quite dry and strong, but not overly so. Fruit, oak, barley and some dry hessian, straw, coconut husk. Peaches, apricots and baking spices.

Warming, slightly hot even. More sweet fruitiness and less dry notes. Quite some wet oak, and a bit of dirt.

What we should keep in mind with this whisky is that it’s one of those affordable cask strength releases that have become popular over the last couple of years. BenRiach, Glengoyne, GlenDronach are all doing it, and if I put my mind to it, I’d probably find a few others too. All of them have in common that there’s no age statement and they clock in around € 70 or so.

With that in mind I think this is a fairly priced whisky, in the current market. However, when I spend a bit of money in the € 70 range, I would hope for a bit more impact. A bit more depth. A bit more like, for example, Springbank 12 CS.

I think that when you’re looking to buy a Tamdhu, you’d be better of trying to track down the regular 15 year old and spend € 20 more. Of course, if you open the floodgates, where does it end? But I do think there’s better Tamdhu to be had at similar prices.


Tamdhu Batch Strength 001, 58.8%, available in several shops around € 70


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