Ardmore 2008-2019, 10yo, 56.2% – Claxton’s for The Old Pipe

The Old Pipe, a whisky shop that I don’t visit nearly enough, released some single cask bottlings through Claxton’s last year. I happened to get samples of both of them and decided that it was high time for a review of one of them.

This one is a 10 year old Ardmore, which is an interesting distillery. It’s a peated whisky from a region not well known for their peated whiskies. Also, I happen to have had some really good ones in the past, so let’s see where this one ends up.

What I find odd about this one, even before I begin tasting it, is that it was drawn from a Laphroaig cask. I don’t really see the point of maturing an already peated whisky in a Laphroaig cask, unless you want to add some of the coastal flavors from Islay, that are not usually present in Ardmore.

In a way that is understandable, but also, why would you want to get around so much of the distillery character by adding both sherry and coastal influences to a whisky that doesn’t necessarily have, or need that.


Image from The Old Pipe

A very barbecue-y smokiness. Teriyaki beef, charcoal, soot, some dried fruit. Smoked peaches, roasted barley.

A lot sweeter than expected, more fruit, some chili heat, dry oak. Soot, smoke, charcoal. Grilled beef and grilled peaches.

The finish is dry and rather hot, but short. Some oak and smoke but not much else.

This is a bit of a confused whisky. I don’t really feel like I’ve been drinking Ardmore at all. It’s a tasty dram, but if I want a whisky that tastes like a sherried Islay whisky, I’d buy that and not a tinkered-with Ardmore.

So, it’s not bad, but I don’t really see the point.


Ardmore 2008-2019, 10 years old, Ex-Laphroaig Oloroso Octave, 56.2%. Available from The Old Pipe for € 80


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