Blair Athol 12, 2008-2020, 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead 18601601, 57.7% – Gordon & MacPhail (Connoisseurs Choice)

I am such an idiot. While this is not news to me, this one here is undeniable proof.

A little while ago, RvB shared this bottle in my little bottle-share group, and thoroughly liking Blair Athol, I jumped on it. A 10cl sample for me!

So I got the sample a few days later. I tried it a couple of weeks after that, and I even looked it up on Whiskybase. And only then did I find out I also have a bottle of this.

Even worse! I don’t only have a bottle of it. I have already tried the whisky a few times and I’ve used it in a tasting. And still, no idea that I just bought a sample of something I could just have a glass of without even leaving my chair.

As said, I’m an idiot…

Anyway, sherried Blair Athol is generally pretty decent at the least. When selected by a good bottler, and at cask strength, it should be very good indeed!

Very modern sherry on the nose, as in, modern sherried whisky. Lots of gentle baking spices and some dried fruit. Banana crisps, cinnamon, even some Nutella. I get some orange and date, wet oak.

The palate is a bit sharper than I expected, and therefore feels a bit more thin than the nose promised. There’s chili heat, oak shavings. Banana crisps and cinnamon are present too, hazelnuts with a whiff of dark chocolate.

The finish brings a bit more sweetness than I expected, or prefer. A bit more like supermarket pastry, instead of ‘bakery level’. Cinnamon and raisins, sugared puff pastry, orange, mango.

It is a bit on the sweet side, but there’s lots of things happening here. The combination of baked goods and dried fruits, even hints of chocolate and nuts make for a rather complex whisky that is really, really good!

In the end, having a bit extra of this is no punishment at all, but it is a bit of a waste of money…


Still available through links found here


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