Ben Nevis 25yo, 1984, Cask 98/35/12, 54%

I usually try to find excuses to buy whisky. Generally I also try to celebrate the little things, just to get a little bit more joy out of things that would otherwise go barely noticed. Of course, some things warrant a more luxurious whisky purchases than others.

Then, my blog turned two. I needed something special. I found this bottle as a left over in a great little liquor shop in Sint Oedenrode. I added to my excuse that we missed the tour at Ben Nevis because that silly Harry Potter train between Fort William and Mallaig. Long story short on that: Steam engine, very bad weather, not enough power to get up the hill, 2 hours delay on a 2 hour train ride.

Anyway, I picked this up. Back then you could, apparently, get an official 25 year old for € 85 or so. Unfortunately, that time has gone. But I’m glad I picked it up while I could. It’s nice to be able to grab something like this off the shelf.

Ben Nevis 25yo, 1984

Ben Nevis 25yo, 1984

Quite some sherry input, and rather strong on the alcohol too. Some pencil shavings, peach pith and a hint of white pepper. Some leather, furniture polish and slowly a more fruity scent comes through. There’s definitely sherry going on and dates. I dread to say it, but there is some Christmas cake happening. The candied fruits are here too.

The palate is dry at first, and quite some peppery heat. Quite some heat indeed. Some peaches and pith. Dates as well, that thick sweetness. It gets a bit more oily after a few seconds. Leather wax, candied fruits and those pencil shavings. Some crayon or playdoh maybe.

The finish is sweet at first, with that syrupy thickness. Then it goes quite a bit dryer. Fruit, dates, peaches. A rather long finish, with that slightly industrial scent of oil, wax, and stuff like that.

This is quite a lovely dram. I find that pencil shavings and leather was combination rather tasty, especially on a background of fruit and sherry. This, to me, is what Ben Nevis is about. I have found some other drams that prove that theory, but also some that don’t. All in all it’s a pretty unpredictable distillery, but this dram turned out just fine.

Ben Nevis 25yo, 1984, Cask 98/35/12, 54%. No longer available, but it has gone up in price, according to Whiskybase.

Samples available

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