Knob Creek 9yo, cask 3127, 60% – K&L Wine Merchants

There’s about a bazillion Knob Creek single casks out and about, mostly in America. Unfortunately they’re mostly not available in Europe, but sometimes I somehow get a sample from one.

Also, now I’m thinking about it, I think all the 60% ones are Single Barrel releases. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s the case. Anyway, I got a sample and I drank it a few months ago. I’m only writing about it now, because I was planning to do some big Bourbon splash that I’m not getting around to. Also, I’m not getting around to some posts I do want to write, because life is getting in the way.


Very strong bourbon. Big flavors, with lots of corn, oak and caramel. Big sweetness and slightly bitter. Cigar leaves, cherries and some rancio.

60% is noticable. There’s a lot of oak, a lot of corn, sweetness, bitterness. Some deep flavors of autumn leaves, cigars, allspice.

The finish is similar, but adds a layer of dates and dark cherries.

While I wasn’t a big fan of a few of the earlier releases of the 60% version of Knob Creek. That surprised me quite a bit since I absolutely love the 50% version. I loved it ever since it had an age statement. Which got downsized to some tiny font at the bottom of the label with a promise from Jim Beam that it wouldn’t go away (the age statement that is), after which it of course got removed. Currently, it’s ‘patiently aged’, whatever that means.

Anyway, this is a stellar Bourbon that I absolutely loved drinking. It’s strong, obviously, but it’s not just fire and alcohol. There’s a lot more with fruit and autumnal flavors that I love in good Bourbon.


Knob Creek 9yo, cask 3127, 60%, K&L Wine Merchants


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