Glendullan 13, 2001, 56.2% – SMWS (84.17, Fluffernutter)

Who in the world can think of a thing like ‘Fluffernutter’ and NOT think of things with a PG rating? Fluffernutter? Really?

Anyway, this Glendullan, a whisky you don’t come across often, was bottled quite a while ago by the SMWS at 13 years old. It was drawn from a Refill Bourbon cask at 56.2%

Honestly, with what I know of Glendullan, we’re in for a bit of a bore. It’s just one of those distilleries that is producing whiskies for blending, and only occassionally has a single cask come out. Not entirely surprising, since it does generally come of as a bit of a blank canvas. Maybe this one is different?


Image from The WhiskyPhiles, who also took part in the share.

Rather spirity, green and fresh. A whiff of oak, vanilla, and some minerals. Iron, green apple, slate.

Quite some alcohol, chili heat and freshness. Again, quite green and spirity in a good way. Light, slightly dry and some foresty, moss like flavors.

Still somewhat sharp and hot, with green apples, moss and ferns. Short on the burn down though.

Right. Spirity in a good way, meaning it’s not only vanilla and some fruits from the cask. It does prove the rule of it being a blank canvas, because after tasting this and getting a bit of a feel for the distillery, it’s just not very rememberable.

There’s not much to say I guess. It’s not bad, but it’s not a whisky you want to go back to.


Glendullan 2001, 13 years old, Refill Bourbon Barrel 84.17, 56.2%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society ‘Fluffernutter’.


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  1. That’s a crazy name indeed! 😀

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