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Age vs. NAS round 5: Macallan Fine Oak 10 vs. Macallan Gold

At the time of tasting I didn’t know what these were of course, but it’s an interesting experiment for sure. If I would’ve gone into this tasting with knowledge of the samples, things might have been different since those Macallans … Continue reading

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Age vs. NAS round 4: Cardhu 12 vs. Cardhu Amber Rock

The penultimate round of the Big Blind Tasting by Oliver Klimek brings us to a distillery that is barely ever encountered from indies, and neither are there many official bottlings. I think I have seen an 18 year old apart from … Continue reading

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Age vs. NAS round 2: Dalmore 12 vs Dalmore Valour

The second round of NAS vs Non-NAS (or Age Stated) is another pair from around the tiny speck of the North Sea that ends in the Moray Firth. That’s a very creative way of saying that they’re not too far … Continue reading

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Age vs. NAS round 1: Glen Moray 12 vs Glen Moray Port Finish

With all the NAS releases being done over last couple of years, and the flack the industry is getting for doing those instead of ‘properly aged whisky’ there was bound to be someone to do a comparison. Of course, a comparison … Continue reading

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