Bunnahabhain 1968-2006, 38yo, 43.1% – Duncan Taylor Peerless

Lately I’ve been tasting some epic drams, if I may say so. There’s been lots of old stuff, and some really, really good less old stuff. Somehow, I’ve not had that many new releases for a while now. Can’t say I miss a lot of them, although there are some in my tasting queue that might warrant further exploration.

This Bunnahabhain came from a set of samples from MZ. I think I’m getting near to the end of that set, but my sample queue is such a mess at the moment that I have no idea what’s in there. That, while being bad management from my side, is also kind of fun since there are quite a few nights on which I just grab a couple and write some notes on totally random stuff.

The Prichard’s was one of those random grabs, as was the Caol Ila 27 I had recently. That means that apart from the quality and age of the whisky, absolutely everything is random a about it. I also know there’s Absinthe, Cognac, Jenever and some other random booze in there. Who knows what might pop up in soon?

Anyway, apart from my sample queue, there was an actual subject of this review. Old Bunnahabhain. I’ve had some of those. They’re all good, I think. Some better than others, but all good. Let’s see where this one sits!

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

Old oak is the first thing I smell. Lots of it, in a very, very good way. Slightly salty with almonds and cherry stones. Quite sharp for such an oldie, with red fruits like cherries and raspberries. Oak, spices, cinnamon and sawdust.

The palate is smooth and majors in old oak again. Spices like cinnamon. It’s rich and not overly woody. Some lychee, including the peels (that slightly bitter taste), almonds and seeds (pumpkin and such).

The finish is warming but also a tad more bitter than the palate. Still quite light with oak, lychee peels, but also the fruit. Cinnamon and sawdust.

I think this is exactly the kind of whisky that old Bunnahabhain is known for, and should be known for. Sure, there might be some sherry casks out there that sing and entirely different song, but I prefer this profile by a mile.

Side note: this might also be a sherry cask, but it’s not a sherry bomb.

This is gorgeous stuff. It might not be what I expected to drink when I started drinking whisky, but it sure is what makes it worth it. The sheer depth and character of such a dram is astounding, and I can see why people spend hundred of bucks on stuff like this.

Bunnahabhain 1968-2006, 38yo, 43.1%, Cask 11571, Duncan Taylor Peerless. Available at Verhaar for € 425

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