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The Whisky Dream – Stuart Rivans

In the rather low amount of books I’m reading this year, there of course are whisky books. The one that describes the rebirth of Bruichladdich (waking a giant, they call it) was mentioned a while ago somewhere and that reminded … Continue reading

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Sediment – Two Gentlemen and Their Mid-Life Terroirs, CJ & PK

The second wine book I’ve ever read. I’m not sure how I got to hear about this book, but it must have been through their website. Now how I got there has been lost in the mists of time. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Distilled – Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley

The guys at the Cask Strength whisky blog have been making a name for themselves for the last couple of years or so. The started bottling whisky, their blog went professional and now they’ve also got a book out. Let’s start … Continue reading

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Raw Spirit – Iain Banks

It’s been a while since I finished a book. The new kid being around has kept me busy and when you’re already slightly too tired for your own good, reading isn’t the thing that’s going to keep you going. Anyway, … Continue reading

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The Road to Craigellachie – Hans Offringa

I think this is one of the quintessential books on whisky if you’re a Dutch whisky geek. Almost everyone has it or has at least read it, but I hadn’t until now. For some reason I never got around to … Continue reading

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Rum – Ian Williams

Somewhere on the internet I saw a review of this book, I guess it was about two years ago. Back then I was a little bit into rum, so I thought it would be wise to gather some knowledge on … Continue reading

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Beam, Straight up – Fred Noe

Fred Noe, the seventh generation of master distillers at Jim Beam in Kentucky wrote a book about his life and the brand. The book tells his story, a lot about his father (the legendary Booker Noe) and short insights in the … Continue reading

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