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Ben Nevis 9, 2012-2022, Manzanilla cask, 59.6% – King Cask

Ben Nevis is hugely popular nowadays, with their regular 10 year old being one of the best entry level whiskies out there. That is, if you can get it. However, I tend to steer away from the plethora of young … Continue reading

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Distilled at an Islay Distillery, 2008-2022, 53.9%, Wu Dram Clan Community

For some distilleries there is a great vintage. For others, there seem to be nothing but great vintages. At least, if you don’t count the entire 1980s decade. Of course, with a whisky called ‘Kilarrow Parish Church Bowmore’ as a … Continue reading

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Millstone 8, 49.5% – OB for Liquid Gold

Talking about random samples from the shelf! This one, of an eight year old Millstone had been on my shelf for years, and it was released years before that. On Whiskybase it was added in 2010, but there’s no telling … Continue reading

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Ardmore 18, 2003-2021, Sherry Cask, 51.9% – Maltbarn

According to some, Maltbarn is one of the best bottlers of the moment. There are others in the higher echelons, of course, but Maltbarn is up there too. This Ardmore, which I bought when it came out some time ago, … Continue reading

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Bowmore 21, PX and Oloroso casks, 51.8% – Aston Martin thingy

Sometimes whiskies just stand out for their branding. Like this series by Bowmore, with some kind of an Aston Martin tie in, and luxurious screen printed bottles… I didn’t really dive into it, as to why this tie in exists, … Continue reading

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Springbank Cask Strength, 12yo, Batch 20, 55.3%

These Springbank Cask Strength bottlings are always a sure bet. I’ve not tried all of them, but I did have quite a few over the years, so far none of them were disappointing. This specific version was released in 2020, … Continue reading

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Kilkerran Sherry and Port Cask, 2022 releases

The Kilkerran Sherry Cask was part of the Blind Tasting Competition, as it turns out. I had tried it before some six months ago, but didn’t recognize it. Obviously. I also had a sample of the Port Cask with tasting … Continue reading

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Macallan ‘Rich Cacao’, The Harmony Collection, 44%

The fifth of twelve whiskies in this year’s Blind Tasting Competition. Because age-guessing is part of the game, I never think of NAS whiskies. But, apart from that, I would never have guessed Macallan. Just on principe. Value for Money … Continue reading

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Fettercairn 14, 2007-2021, Oloroso Sherry Puncheon 1823, 55.2% – Infrequent Flyers

One of those blind-spot whiskies because I generally don’t care about the distillery’s output. This one wasn’t that bad at all, but because of my limited knowledge, I never even really considered Fettercairn. I randomly guessed BenRiach, because it was … Continue reading

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Mannochmore 22, 1997-2020, First Fill Sherry Butt 12098, 55.8% – Gordon & MacPhail

This year’s Blind Tasting Competition has started, and it has done so in a great manner! Best of Wines started their sample kit with this rather well aged Mannochmore for which virtually no-one scored a lot of points. I scored … Continue reading

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