Glendullan 1981-2009, 28yo, 49.6% – The Whisky Agency

Here’s just a quick review before all hell breaks loose in December. With what’s coming in regards of sheer sample volume that has to be tasted, I’m starting to see the benefits of a sober January. I also know that that’s never going to happen, though.

Anyway, I got this fairly random sample from ES, who came to pick up some samples a while ago. I never try Glendullan, somehow, since it’s one of those Dufftown distilleries that doesn’t really spark the imagination. One that’s been built for blending capacity, as many others.

But, when I saw the TWA written on the tape covering the original label of the sample bottle, I started looking forward to it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a TWA bottle that was bad. Some are more interesting than others, for sure, but none are bad (yet).

Image from WhiskybaseSniff:
On the nose it starts with some green wood. Like dry oak, but with a mossy bark because of a lack of direct sunlight. Really foresty, spring like. Rather timid at first, but I do get a hint of pineapple. Very old fashioned and really in the style of eighties for blends. But, all in a very good way.

The palate is smooth and gentle, with again that green forest thingy. Green leaves, wet trees, some apple (Granny Smith) and a hint of pear. It does get a bit sweeter after some swimming.

The finish is rather awesome with lots of oak, a light spirit flavor (after 28 years…). Fruit, trees, leaves. Reminiscent of spring.

I think this might be an acquired taste even for whisky geeks. However, with those springtime flavors going on I really like it. The wet forest and mossy flavors really bring me back to some of the whiskies I loved when I started with this weird hobby. So, from an association point of view this is a great whisky.

Apart from that there’s a lot to discover here, and loads of layered flavors. I think this might be one for the wishlist and me trying to find it in auctions.

Thanks Emile!

Glendullan 1981-2009, 28yo, 49.6%, The Whisky Agency. It used to cost some 190 euros.

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