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Just short of greatness

You know that feeling when you are tasting a very, very good whisky, but somehow it just doesn’t cross the magical 90-point threshold? You realize that you’re tasting whisky that’s way above average, but you can’t shake the feeling you … Continue reading

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Tomintoul Tlàth, 40%

Tomintoul is a brand of whisky describing itself as ‘The Gentle Dram’. Under that moniker they have released Tlàth, which is Gaelic and means ‘gentle’. So, this whisky is a gentle dram under gentle drams. When they released this last … Continue reading

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Laphroaig Lore, 48%

Yet another NAS release from Laphroaig. I’ve said this in an article I wrote for our club’s magazine a few months ago, but Laphroaig has changed. And I am not talking about the distillate which was better in the sixties, … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Dark Cove, 46.5%

The Darkest Ardbeg Ever! According to Ardbeg that is. It’s a very strange statement since there are plenty of darker Ardbegs out there, both from independent bottlers and Ardbeg themselves. So marketing nonsense to get people hyped up. In the … Continue reading

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Talisker Dark Storm, 45.8%

Talisker is releasing a lot of NAS whiskies nowadays. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Especially if you realize it’s only one brand in a pool of many. It started about a decade ago with the Talisker 57 … Continue reading

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Two Scallywags, 46% and 54.1%

Last week the guys at Douglas Laing organized a Facebook Live event, in which they broadcasted a guided tasting of some of their range. Fred Laing and Jan Beckers talked us through five drams in a rapid fire session, it … Continue reading

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Talisker Neist Point, 45.8%

So, Talisker Neist Point. A lot has been written about this when it came out. The usual suspects being quite outraged by its initial price tag of close to € 150. What also doesn’t help is that it’s a NAS whisky … Continue reading

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