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Port Ellen 1979-2017, 37yo, 44.8% – Goren’s Whisky for Whisky Live Tel Aviv

It’s not often that I hold a bottle of Port Ellen in my hands. It’s far less often, even, that the bottle is mine. Now you have to take that literally, since it’s mostly the bottle itself that’s mine, and … Continue reading

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Dufftown 1979-1998, 57.1% – Cadenhead’s

As a thank you for hosting the Blog Birthday Bash (which I still haven’t blogged about) I got a sample of this from whisky friend MvZ. He is a guy that focuses on old whisky, with shifting interests. There was … Continue reading

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Lochside 21, 1979-2000, 50% – Douglas Laing’s Old Malt Cask

Most Lochsides I’ve tried have been from 1981. Both Lochsides I’ve owned are from 1981. There are some older versions out there, but most of these were from before I was interested in whisky of this caliber. Lochside is one … Continue reading

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Port Ellen 1979-2010, 30 years old, 51.9% – Mackillop’s Choice

I don’t get to taste Port Ellen all that much, which was slightly different a couple of years ago. This is mostly because of the rather ridiculous price tag that comes with every bottle. Ever since Diageo started increasing the … Continue reading

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