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Aberlour 16yo, Cask 4738, 53.5% – OB for The Whisky Exchange

Just to keep things fresh, The Whisky Exchange keeps bottling casks of whisky from all over the place. Their newest releases are a vintage 1999 Highland Park from a bourbon cask, and this 16 year old Aberlour from a first … Continue reading

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GlenDronach 1995-2015, 19yo, 54.2% – OB for Whiskybase

How is it, that without any indication a market can get fed up with a certain brand of whisky? I think that’s more or less what’s happening with mid-nineties (and younger) GlenDronach. Every year the distillery releases about two batches … Continue reading

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Arran 19, 1996-2016, 54.7% – OB for Whiskysite.nl

The Dutch like Arran. Or more apt, the mainland of north-western Europe likes Arran. Over the last couple of years there have been loads of single casks for just about every festival and shop that’s in the business of doing … Continue reading

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BenRiach 1995-2014, 18yo, Port Puncheon, 53.5% – OB for Whisky Weekend Twente

Those private casks for festivals and clubs always go in waves. Over the last couple of years it has been Bowmore, GlenDronach, Ledaig, Glenfarclas en also BenRiach. Now, with BenRiach it’s not very surprising since they always do a lot … Continue reading

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Springbank 2000-2015, 15yo, Port Cask, 50.9% – OB for Awico

I generally like Springbank, both for their whisky and the way they’re doing business. Most of their stuff has an age statement, most of their whiskies are at least sort of affordable. They also do quite a few private casks. … Continue reading

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Arran 12, 2001-2014, 56% – OB Private Cask for The Netherlands (Bright Early Spring)

Back in 2014, right on the heels of The White Wizard and The Dark Lord came this release. Since then there have been a few, mostly bourbon casks from the importer and mostly sherry casks for festivals, shops and clubs. … Continue reading

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The Dark Lord vs. The White Wizard

While the title might not make sense to most of you, this will ring bells within the parts of Holland that like Arran. Back in 2014 the Dutch importer of the brand, Van Wees, released these two bottlings at the … Continue reading

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