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Deanston 10, 2011-2021, Refill Oloroso Cask 266C, 57.5% – The Single Cask for WTF Utrecht

The guys from The Single Cask seem to be on their way to becoming a bigger and bigger bottler. In The Netherlands they’re still a bit rare, but with their presence at Maltstock and a slowly increasing number of retailers, … Continue reading

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Compass Box Menagerie, 46%

It’s been ages since I last tried a Compass Box whisky. Or at least, since I last reviewed one. There was the Transistor, which I did with Punk IPA next to it in February, but before that it was 2018. … Continue reading

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Deanston 12, 2006-2019, Fino Cask 1608, 55%

Everytime when a whisky matured, or in this case finished, in a Fino Sherry cask pops up, my interest peaks. Apart from actually liking Fino Sherry, I find it imparts great flavors on whiskies through the reuse of the oak. … Continue reading

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Deanston 10, 2009-2020, Rye Barrel 6349, 58.4% – Infrequent Flyers

Generally, Deanston is regarded as a technically well made whisky, but also a rather bland one. Most of the available releases are bourbon-cask-driven vanilla bombs, or are focused heavily on another type of wood that the whisky matured in. As … Continue reading

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Whiskykoning’s “Autumn Tasting”

For every season there is a tasting at De Whiskykoning. Of course, in 2020 those couldn’t happen. However, Rob (the owner) decided to sell packs of samples with a description, and make youtube movies for the tasting. Of course, I … Continue reading

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BTC #8: Deanston 8, Handfilled, 57.8%

Another day, another dram. This one sat darkly in its bottle, so I went in with a slight prejudice towards its flavors and cask type. It didn’t really cost me in the end, since I’m spreading my guesses without actually … Continue reading

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Deanston 18, 46.3%

When I got that awesome sample of Ledaig 42 from Ronald Zwartepoorte, of Whisky Passion fame, I also get a sample of the then new Deanston 18. Since that was June and that wasn’t that long ago, I think we … Continue reading

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Deanston 1997, 55.8% – Archives, The Fishes of Samoa

Deanston is a distillery that doesn’t see much play. At least, on the bigger international blogs it pops up every now and then, but in my neck of the woods you have to put it some effort to find anything … Continue reading

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Blind Tasting Competition 10 – Deanston Distillery Only, 20yo, Lepanto Brandy Cask finish, 57.4%

That’s a mouth full, as was the whisky. I’m sorry for not posting anything for a couple of days. I have been away for the weekend and I thought I had tasted ahead, but missed the deadline. I also counted … Continue reading

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Deanston 19, 53.4% – Master of Malt

Another one of the recent slew of Master of Malt releases. At some point I started talking about the daily release they were doing. It has calmed down a bit now. Deanston then, I know absolutely nothing about this distillery … Continue reading

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