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BenRiach 2000, 54.3% – OB for Whisky Weekend Amsterdam 2014

Apart from the general crazes with similar club bottlings and private bottlings, there are always some BenRiachs popping up for festivals and such. (those crazes, by the way: around 2009 everyone bottled Bowmore, two years ago everyone bottled GlenDronach, and … Continue reading

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BenRiach 1989-2011, 20 years old, Virgin Oak Finish, 50.6%

My whisky buddy Martin was kind enough to give me a sample of this when I was at his place on Friday (see this post). We had a way too large whisky menu to go through on a single evening, … Continue reading

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BenRiach 25, 50%

A while ago there was a combination deal on the two regularly available BenRiach 25s, the normal one and the peated one. Of course, that was cause enough for a bottle-share. With me it always takes a while before everything … Continue reading

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Two new bottle-shares

At some point I promised my wife that I’d stop doing bottle-shares for a while. I suck at keeping promises like that. Here’s another two: Irish single malts Irish Single Malt, 12yo, The Nectar of the Daily Drams, 52.9% Irish … Continue reading

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BenRiach 2005-2014, 9yo, Peated, Virgin Oak finish, 58.7%

My father in law has a developed a taste for Virgin Oak matured (or finished) whiskies. Over the years he’s gathered a few here and there with the idea of hosting a tasting for us at some point. That hasn’t … Continue reading

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Two BenRiach cask samples. A Virgin Oak and a PX Sherry

Last year I went to Scotland on holiday. We visited BenRiach distillery, which is a truly great place for any whisky lover. Of course, there were some samples tasted and in this case they came straight from random casks in … Continue reading

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Port & Peat bottle share wrap-up

The only thing I’ve got to do with the Bottle share whiskies of the Port & Peat theme I recently bought, sampled, handed over and tasted is decide which one is my favorite and finish the bottles (read: my own samples). … Continue reading

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